Associates Program

Associates Program

We created this short(ish) video to explain the idea behind the Associates Program.

We are always keen to extend our network with Subject Matter and World Class Experts who are interested in providing their courses online.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below. If we have missed anything, please reach out (email in the video).


Why RedRisks Academy?

There are many Online Course providers and platforms that one can use and some (if not all of them) are terribly expensive and don’t really offer any help or support when it comes to showcasing or promoting your courses.

You could build your own Learning Management System (LMS). However, this is not for the faint hearted and it will need regular management, maintenance and lots of “nursing”.

That’s where RedRisks Academy can help…. 

Want to get involved and work with us?

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, RedRisks Academy will take away a lot of the frustration and pain involved in getting your courses online.

Check out the video and if our vision and mission grabs your interest, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any content produced by a contact like me?

We are at the early stages of promoting and developing Academy.

We plan to have Associates onboard by the end of the year with online courses.

We will update ths question with links when ready.

Will my course become RedRisks?

Short answer is No.

However, each course is different.

To allow flexibility, we will detail all this in our Terms of Agreement (see FAQ below about ToA).

What's my share?

Each course is different.

We will discuss this with you openly.

We will only deduct the commission charged by the merchant banks and the remaining monies will be split (as agreed) between us.

We will absorb all Platform Operating Costs.

Will you pay me for making or providing the course?

Unfortunately, we cannot pay for course creation, slides editing etc.

We envisage that you already have courses and now wish to offer them online, hence costs should be negligible on your side.

We will absorb all Platform Operating Costs, which are substantial but part of our committment towards “Connecting, Sharing and Learning“.

What about IP Aspects?

All courses are in video format and with downloads (password protected), if applicable.

No digital media platform is “hacker proof”. However, we will do everything possible to maintain and manage security and IP aspects.

Are you going to promote my course(s) via social media?


RedRisks has a Social Media Strategy for posting content (in fact, we even a course on Social Media Mastery).

We will ensure that we do all we can and hopefully you can also share your course details via your network.

What equipment do I need or use?

We can explore and discuss this with you to ensure we are setting in place optimum working conditions and environment.

It’s important to have a “relaxed” setting so that delegates and/or clients can also feel the same when taking your course(s)

What do I need to provide?

We have created the onboarding video above to give you an overview.

Pls let us know if anything is unclear (email is in the video).

How will I know who are the delegates?

We are developing the platform to allow our Associates direct access to their courses, students etc.

We envisage this to be deployed by the early of 2022.

Will I be able to interact/contact delegates?

Once we deploy the Associates admin panel, which is scheduled for early 2022.

How much should I charge for my course?

This really depends on your course and what you believe is reasonable.

We can offer suggestions, but ultimately it’s your call.

Can I add my website link, create sales funnels to products or services?

Absolutely….in the Onboarding video we actually make reference to where you can brand etc.

Are there any Terms of Agreement?

Once we sync and agree to do a course online, we will share with you a relatively simple Terms of Agreement (No Lawyers Needed) 🙂

We can adjust if needed, however, we are sure you will find that it’s fairly straight forward.